Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions.


Which class should I chose?


Launch Pad  - this class is suitable for children 4 to 6 years with limited experience, this class is thefirst building block to learning the skills love to do in a playground. 

Blast Off  this class is suitable for children 5  to 7 years - if your 6 year old can already complete handstand and cartwheel this is the class for them

Pocket Rockets - this class is sutbale for children 7 years to 8 years old. 

Super Sonics  - this class is suitable for 9 to 11 years - with limited to medium gymnastics experience

Advanced All Stars - this class is suitable for children 10 years plus who have more advance skills or are new to gym at 12 years old.


4. How do I enrol?

  • Click become a member and  then click "register"  NB : (click renew if you are an extisting member and inactive)
  • Use your child’s detail in the first page
  • Select the recreational membership option
  • Once complete the system will send you a link to follow to select a password
  • You can then log in to select the class via the classes tab


5. What do you need to wear and bring?

  • Shorts or bike pants and T-Shirt – no skirts.
  • Hair tied back
  • A water bottle
  • No jewellery 


6. Do you have competitive classes?

Yes, you will need to email to arrange a suitable time for a trial class

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