Please note term 2 is an 11 week term therefore the cost of classes will appear much higher than last term which was an 8 to 9 week term


A general guide to our classes


Launch Pad -  1 hour class -                               An action packed, 1 hour  lesson, exploring gymnastics movement activities proven to boost physical and cognitive development.  Children are challenged to discover their movement potential in a fun, safe environment with their peers. They explore activities on Beam, Bars, Trampoline and Floor. General age is 4 to 6 years

Blast Off -  1 hour class -                                Can your child do Cartwheels and Forward Rolls already and is aged 5 to 7 ? This is the class for them. In this class they will be challenged to learn further skills to increase their gross and fine motor skills through balancing, jumping and swinging activites.

Pocket Rockets - 1 - 1/2 hour class             Our Pocket Rockets program is designed to follow on from our Blast Off program to improve their technique and grace with a stronger emphasis on strength, flexibility and improving basic skills. They will be challenged with more advanced skills, on each of the apparatus. In this program you will notice your child developing more body control and core stability and self-confidence which is important not only for Gymnastics but for all sports in life. General age is 7 years to 9 years

Super Sonics -1 - 1/2 hour class                    Our Supersonics program has a focus on refining body control. Learning more advanced skills including core strength and flexibility – all of which are the perfect foundations for this rewarding sport! Enjoy learning advanced skills without the pressure of competing. General age is 9 years to 11 years

Advanced All Stars - 1 - 1/2 hour class                Designed for our teenage gymnasts, Advanced Allstars will be encouraged to learn new skills and gain body confidence. Whilst interacting with likeminded peers this makes it the perfect program to keep your teenager active healthy and happy. Age 11 years +

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If you are unsure of the most suitable class please email us at to seek more information and clarification.

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